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Published: 27th April 2011
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Postnatal care in Bangalore hospital is often limited to a couple of days in the hospital. But postnatal care is a lot more than that. Doctors and health experts suggest that a proper postnatal care must be provided to the new mother for at least 6-8 weeks.

Since your body has gone through immense changes not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally during pregnancy, it is now rushing back to the pre-pregnancy stage. Coping up with your post-delivery pains and stitches, nursing and taking care of the new-born can be very bothersome and tiring. Instead of taking a toll on your body, it is better to get a help either from your partner, family member or an outside help.

While postnatal caredemands plenty of rest, it is also important to exercise or massage your pelvic muscle for a while within a few days of your delivery to help you recover fast, strengthen your muscle and help you feel better. Doctors generally advise to walk a little to heal faster. This stands true for both natural and a c-section delivery.

It is common for women to take concern of their pouting abdomen even after delivery. However, you must understand that exercising too rigidly to get back into shape will only add stress to you, since your body would take some time to regain the stamina for work-outs. Research have proved that breastfeeding your baby, slowing helps in tucking your stomach in, since the uterus also takes considerable time to contract.

A very important part, without which postnatal care in Bangalore cannot be complete, is your diet-plan. You should strictly follow a very rich and energy giving food, though not very spicy, since your digestive system is weak and suffering from constipation or hard stools would only make your stitches hurt more. You must, in your diet include:

  • All the cereals

  • Fruits but not the citrus ones

  • Baked beans, pulses

  • Eggs, fish and nuts

  • Seasonal vegetable—low fried and minimally spicy

You must avoid smoking, drinking, caffeine, tea intake or any other drugs in order to avoid transferring them into your baby bloodstream while breast feeding.

Bangalore genesis hospital not only takes care of you during labor time but also ensures that you and the baby are in the bets of health post delivery while in the hospital and also when at home. It offers the mother and child massage therapy essential for the muscle toning, recommends a personalized diet chart and helps you learn how to feed the baby.

The postnatal care in Bangalore genesis hospital does not end there. It makes sure that the mother and the baby visits the hospital for two-three times on fortnite basis to check on the mother’s healing and the baby’s health and vaccinations.

For an appointment with our doctors, visit for online booking or call DrPatil at 984 554 3015.

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